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3 Things you don’t know about Spent Grain

Believe it or not, Spent Grain is what’s leftover after breweries have made beer. The New York Times published an article highlighting spent grain and described the process like this: “Brewing relies on grains, typically malted barley, which are first soaked in hot water. This step releases sugars that are crucial to the later production of alcohol. Once those sugars are released into the liquid, the grain is discarded.”

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10 Easy Ways to Live Sustainably Every Day

A great way to start reducing your daily waste amount is by purchasing a reusable cup. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker (like me), or love to stay hydrated by the nectar of the gods (H2O), or just find yourself constantly buying a beverage, go ahead and purchase yourself a cool and fun looking reusable cup! This way you are no longer buying and tossing away plastic cups and bottles!

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