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we craft low-carb and high-protein products with upcycled flour from grains at your local microbreweries.

Pound for pound donation of our flour with every box sold.


Low Carb & Sustainable Products

All products are sustainably made with Barely Barley Flour, directly sourced from local microbreweries by our team here in San Antonio, TX. High in Protein and Fiber, no sugar, and Low in Carbs.

Pound for Pound Donation of our flour with every package sold.


Pancake & Waffle Mix




Fight the Carbs. Feed the Hungry.

Grain4Grain was born out of a passion for helping people. When Barely Barley™ was first created, we knew about its health and environmental benefits, but we wanted to go one step further. That's why for every pound of Barely Barley™ flour that is sold, we give one away to those less fortunate: Grain4Grain! Thank you for helping us "Fight the Carbs. Feed the Hungry."


Healthy for You and the Environment

Spent Barley is the resource that is leftover after all the carbs have been extracted from barley. And each year, about 6 million TONS of it are wasted at breweries across the nation. Through our innovative milling process, we upcycle this resource into Barely Barley™ Flour: a flour that's high in protein and fiber, and has BARELY any carbs. Every time you buy a product with Barely Barley™ flour, you join a community that is part of the solution.


Still want to learn more about our process? Click to watch the video below!


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"One man’s spent barley is

another man’s flour"

— Someone Super Smart