Adam | G4G Crew Member


Hi all!

My name is Adam.  I'm a recently married Colorado native who loves to get outside and move however and whenever possible.  My wife and I particularly enjoy taking our puppy for hikes out in the snow! While hiking, biking, skiing and climbing all have merit, over the past few years I have found the easiest way to get moving is to slip on some sneakers, and start running. In most things, there is something alluring about simplicity.  It is easy to become saturated with noise, stimulation, and thinking. Running gives me a chance to stop thinking, stop planning, and get moving instantly!  I believe fear, worry, and most problems are remedied through movement and action. 

That action driven mentality is what drew me to run with Grain 4 Grain. Starting a small business is tough.  Starting a small business in the food industry is really tough.  Starting a small business in the food industry, with a primary goal being to give as much as you get is really pushing improbable! The venture would strike many entrepreneurs senseless with fear.  The Grain 4 Grain crew pulled on their sneakers, took massive action, and defeated that fear to create an innovative product. I look forward to running with Grain 4 Grain to "Fight the Carbs. Feed the Hungry."